If you live in an area where there are so many numbers of trees. There are a lot of benefits that you can get from having a lot of trees. You could have a fresher air, fresh fruits to eat every time and can give you comfortable shade from too much sunlight. But there will be a time that some of your trees need to be cut for some personal and environmental reasons. In cutting trees, you should a lot of things regarding the right way to fall it down or even to cut them down. You have to know the different ways and techniques in order not to create damage to the environment. You have to make sure as well that when you are going to cut and let the tree fall down. You have to make safe of everything including clearing the pathway. You can hire as well a tree service for them to do this kind of service. They would be a bit expensive but you can be guaranteed of the service and the machine that they will be using in cutting trees. They know the basic control steps in falling down a tree or an old kind of tree. If you can’t afford to hire someone because they are too expensive or you don’t have time to schedule a service then you do it on your own by following the details below.  


  1. Ask and check for the requirements needed in doing this thing. It would be better if you can contact immediately someone from the local department of your city. In this way, they can explain to you everything in details. You don’t want to be confused so you need to clarify everything including the documents you may pass to them. If they are busy and no one is answering the call. You can search for your city’s local department website and then check the requirements on that site.  
  2. After getting all the necessary information. You need to get down in processing for the permits. Show them all the documents that they might want to check and see. After being approved, you can start cutting down the tree because you already have the permit.  
  3. In doing this thing, you have to secure yourself. You need to be safe from any harm so that means you have to wear the right safety clothes like the goggles for eyes, a helmet in order to protect your head and skull from any falling trees. If you don’t have this one, you can go to the nearest hardware store in your city to get them.  
  4. You have to check the area and the spot of the tree. You don’t want to make urgent cutting without planning it. You have to make sure that it will not fall down directly to a house or to another tree and even to other things there.  
  5. You have to be firm when it comes to the falling it down. You have to be a specific direction.  

Tips to Help You Replace Your Windows Correctly

One of the most important components of our home is our windows. Our windows help elements circulate and regulate hot and cold wind in and outside the house; windows also acts as a barrier to protection and privacy from the outside. Aside from functional purposes, windows also add beauty and aesthetic value to our house. 

Like any other component of our house though, our windows are also subject to wear and tear, and there comes a time when they contract problems. When this happens, we have to take action and repair it because a broken window can be the opportunity that robbers are waiting for. If you know the basics of replacing it, I will share the tips to help you replace your windows correctly.

  1. Be Careful on Measuring

Before buying or making your new window, you first have to measure your old one so that your new one would fit correctly. In measuring the width of your window, you have to start on the inside of one jamb to the other sides inside of its jamb.     Windows tend to warp over time though, so you have to measure the width from the lowest to the highest part. The measurement must be the same, but if not, follow the smallest measurement and use this as your reference for the new one. Use the same method for acquiring the height of your window. 

  1. Be Delicate on Removing the Old Windows

One helpful tip to make your replacement done correctly is by being delicate on removing the old windows. This is because when you just pry your old windows by force, you will damage surrounding materials which will lead to more work on your part. To remove it delicately, use tools to make the job easier like screwdrivers, utility knife, and pry bar. 

  1. Estimation and Rough Installing

After measuring and removing your old windows not is the time to test your new ones. Before beginning the installation process that involves caulking and nailing, do an estimation and rough installing first. Having rough installing is crucial because it lets you feel if your new window does fit the place of the old one. So that you avoid doing irreversible things which will make you do the task from the beginning all over again if the fit is not right. 

  1. Don’t use too many Shims

No matter how careful we are in measuring, we sometimes commit mistakes, and our new window doesn’t fit perfectly into the old fitting. We might be tempted to supply the gaps with shims, but don’t do this because your new windows would not last as long. Better replace and order a slightly bigger window so that you achieve the fit, instead of supplementing the lack by shims. 


If you have replaced your old and broken windows with the help of these tips, then congratulations! Remember that windows would only last as long as we take care of them. To avoid replacing windows all the time, take the initiative to maintain its good condition. For window cleaning, hire a professional like Chula Vista Window Cleaning Pros  to do the job.