Is Kratom Harmful? 

Kraom is plant from Southeast Asia that belongs to the similar plant family as gardenias and coffee. In Thailand, Kratom has been utilized as an herbal remedy for thousands of years for a lot of illnesses. It has opiate-like effects and dependent stimulant. Aside from being utilized for some mild pain relief and energy boost, there are few circumstantial evidence to say that it might be useful in managing of withdrawal symptoms linked with addiction to opiate.  

In Europe and North America, there has been a huge improvement in the rates of kratom use since 2000. Both have used this drug as recreational drug for opiate withdrawal and self-management. 

Is It Harmful 

There has been limited scientific information about kratom’s effects. To know whether or not it’s safe for human use, there have been no controlled clinical trials performed. Almost all of our existing knowledge with regards to this drug comes from unreliable reports by doctors and users, and animal experiments too.  

According to researchers, there are more than twenty chemicals in the drug that are biologically active. This includes few that connect opioid receptors in our brain and have the possibility to lead towards addiction and physical dependence. 

Kratom abuse is also popular in Southeast Asia, even though it has a long history of use as an herbal plant in the region. Because of its addictive possibility, this drug has been banned in Myanmar, Malaysia, and Thailand.  

Lastly, several chemicals found in kratom inhibit with the liver’s drug-metabolizing enzymes. It might cause risky interactions with other medications or drugs.  

Effects of Kratom at Low Dosage 

1 up to 5 grams of Kratom is considered low dosage. At this dosage, the stimulant-like effects outweigh. Within 10 min. the effects are felt. It would last up to 1 hour. Though reports by people show that almost all individuals find the effects pleasant, several users experience a painful sense of agitation and anxiety. Kratom’s main stimulant-like effects are the same as amphetamine, although less strong. It includes: 

  • Heightened Libido 
  • Increased Sociability 
  • Decreased Appetite 
  • Increased Alertness and Energy 

Effects of Kratom at Moderate to High Dosage 

5 up to 15 grams of Kratom is considered as moderate to high dosage. It has mainly effects similar to opioid that last for a few hours.  

According to reports, the “high” offered by kratom is less strong than other opioid drugs. Several individuals describe the experience as dysphonic or unpleasant. Other effects that are similar to opioid include: 

  • Reduction in opioid withdrawal symptoms 
  • Cough suppression 
  • Dreamlike and Calm mental state. 
  • Drowsiness 
  • Analgesia 

Side Effects 

There are some side effects connected with the use of kratom that range in harshness from dangerous to inconvenient. The side effects of kratom depend on the dosage, just like the effects mentioned above. The effects are also the same as those found both in opiates and stimulant drugs. Here are several side effects: 

  • Itching 
  • Nausea and Vomiting 
  • Dizziness 
  • Sweating 
  • Constipation 
  • Motor coordination loss or tremors 
  • Facial Flushing.  

So if you are buying online kratom, be sure that you use it in the recommended dosage to avoid its effects.